$100,000 supports poultry education at Georgia

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Merck Animal Health announced a $100,000 sponsorship for a student at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine on Jan. 29. The money will provide educational support to Grace Ashby, who is attending the veterinary college’s Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center, over a three-year period.

Ashby is a doctoral candidate who was accepted to the center in 2014. Ashby earned a bachelor’s degree in avian biology from UGA, has served as a poultry surgery teaching assistant, and completed internships at the Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network in Oakwood, Georgia, and Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. in Athens, Georgia. Ashby said she looks forward to continuing her education through research and contributing to the development of new vaccine methods and respiratory health.

Dr. Mark W. Jackwood, head of the Department of Population Health at Georgia’s veterinary college, said, “These funds will help us continue providing our students with the education and experience they need for a successful career in avian medicine, as well as offering valuable research and services to the poultry industry.”

Every year, Merck Animal Health collaborates with educational and veterinary organizations to ensure the advancement of animal health. The sponsorship program is part of a broader commitment to education, students, and the future of the industry, according to a Merck press release.

More information on the Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center at UGA is available here.