Association offers handout on cat declawing

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The AVMA has created a handout for cat owners who are considering having their cats declawed, in hopes of helping veterinarians connect with clients to make the best decision for each cat and household.

The AVMA Animal Welfare Division worked with members of the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee and feline practitioners to develop the resource.

The handout addresses scratching as a normal behavior in healthy cats, declawing as a major surgery that requires aggressive pain management under the care of an experienced veterinarian, alternatives to declawing that should be tried prior to performing the procedure, and situations in which declawing might be an appropriate option.

The AVMA strives to provide veterinarians with resources that will help them advocate for their patients’ welfare and facilitate client education. The handout and other resources on declawing—a video, AVMA policy, and literature review—are available here.

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