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Dr. Baxter
Dr. Gary M. Baxter
Dr. DeCamp
Dr. Charles E. DeCamp
Dr. Embertson
Dr. Rolf M. Embertson
Dr. Stover
Dr. Susan M. Stover

Event: Annual meeting, Oct. 16-18, 2014, San Diego
Awards: ACVS Founders’ Award for Career Achievement: Dr. Susan M. Stover, Davis, California, won this award, which recognizes the service of ACVS diplomates who have distinguished themselves through important contributions to the development of surgical techniques and methodology and through dissemination of knowledge to colleagues, residents, and students. A 1976 graduate of the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Stover is director of the JD Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory at the University of California-Davis. She is known for her expertise on the epidemiology, pathogenesis, and biomechanics of equine musculoskeletal injuries and prevention of catastrophic injuries in racehorses. ACVS Foundation Legends Award: Dr. Barrie D. Grant, Bonsall, California, won this award, which recognizes ACVS diplomates who have developed a surgical or diagnostic procedure proved to be of substantial value by becoming the treatment or test of choice for a given condition. Dr. Grant is an equine consultant, also serving as a state veterinarian at southern California racetracks. Earlier, he was a member of the veterinary faculty at Washington State University and practiced at San Luis Rey Equine Hospital in San Diego. Known for his expertise in surgery of the equine vertebral column and diseases of the equine spinal cord, Dr. Grant has developed and implemented four generations of implants for spinal fusion surgery. Outstanding Surgical Residents’ Awards: Large animal residents’ forum presentation, research—First place: Dr. Joanna Virgin, Michigan State University, for “Laryngeal advancement surgery improved swallowing function in a reversible dysphagia model in horses”; second place: Dr. Alex Gillen, Auburn University, for “Evaluation of the Aberdeen knot for continuous suture patterns with large gauge suture”; clinical—First place: Dr. Barbara Hunter, Oregon State University, for “Equine synovial fluid tiludronate concentrations following intravenous regional limb perfusion with low or high dose tiludronate”; second place: Dr. John D. Stack, University College Dublin, for “Synovial serum amyloid A (SAA) point-of-care test—A valuable aid to immediate diagnosis of synovial sepsis in horses.” Small animal residents’ forum presentation, research—First place: Dr. Lindsey M. Kurach, Michigan State University, for “Effect of low level laser therapy on the healing of open wounds in dogs”; second place: Dr. Mandy L. Wallace, University of Florida, for “In vitro development of a radiolucent silicone/polyacrylic acid/inorganic salt/thermoplastic polymer slow occlusion device for the attenuation of portosystemic shunts”; clinical—First place: Dr. Ryan McCally, University of Missouri, for “A comparison of the analgesic efficacy of epidural anesthesia and two peripheral nerve blockades after tibial plateau leveling osteotomy“; second place: Dr. Jacob A. Rubin, University of Pennsylvania, for “Factors associated with pathologic fractures in appendicular primary bone neoplasia: 84 cases (2007-2013).” Published in Veterinary Surgery, research—First place: Dr. Mark Dosch, University of California-Davis, for “Biomechanical evaluation of the Helica femoral implant system using traditional and modified techniques”; second place: Dr. Galina Hayes, University of Guelph, for “Investigation of incidence and risk factors for surgical glove perforation in small animal surgery”; clinical—First place: Dr. Chad E. Spah, VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center, Fishers, Indiana, for “Evaluation of two novel self-anchoring barbed sutures in a prophylactic laparoscopic gastropexy compared with intracorporeal tied knots”; second place: Dr. Helene Larde, University of Montreal, for “Milk flow obstruction caused by varicose vein of the teat in dairy cattle.” Poster presentation—First place: Dr. Holly L. Stewart, University of Pennsylvania, for “Effects of dilute chlorhexidine in the equine larynx and pharynx”; second place: Dr. Matthew Raske, Animal Medical Center, New York, for “Immediate, short-term, and long-term changes in tracheal stent diameter, length, and positioning following placement in dogs with tracheal collapse syndrome: 53 cases.”
Officials: Drs. Charles E. DeCamp, East Lansing, Michigan, president; Rolf M. Embertson, Lexington, Kentucky, chair of the Board of Regents; Gary M. Baxter, Athens, Georgia, president-elect; and C. Collins “Andy” Anderson III, San Antonio, treasurer