Resolutions cover transport of research animals, governance

Published on December 03, 2014
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The AVMA House of Delegates will deliberate in January on a resolution that would support the continued ability to humanely transport research animals and on a resolution that would change representation of AVMA members in the HOD.

The American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners submitted the resolution on transport of research animals. The proposal is for the AVMA to adopt a policy supporting the humane transportation of animals for the purposes of biomedical research, testing, and education.

Many air transportation services will not transport research animals. According to the statement about the resolution, laboratory animal veterinarians “are concerned about the continued ability to humanely transport animals between facilities. Such ability is core to the advancement of research and exchange of information.”

Also backing the resolution are the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine and American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, which are not members of the HOD.

The Arizona VMA submitted the resolution on representation in the HOD. The House is the representative body of state VMAs and certain other veterinary organizations. The proposal is for the AVMA to explore allowing members to choose which organization represents them in the HOD and to explore extending weighted voting to all organizations in the HOD, not just the state VMAs.

Some AVMA members do not belong to a state VMA or other organization in the HOD, and some belong to more than one organization in the HOD. The statement about the resolution suggests giving AVMA members the option at each dues renewal to select any organization in the House to be their voice, with the state VMA as the default selection.

Proposals going to the HOD are available here. AVMA members can find contact information for delegates here.