Cattle veterinarians honored

Published on November 19, 2014
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Seven veterinarians received awards in September for their contributions to bovine medicine. 

And two veterinarians were inducted into the Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame.


Dr. Mark E. Hardesty Dr. Daniel R. Goehl Dr. Nicholas C. Chuff

​Dr. Jesse P. Goff ​Dr. Hans Coetzee Dr. John Fetrow

​Dr. Callie D. Willingham ​Dr. David T. Bechtol Dr. Maarten Drost

The awards were given Sept. 20 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, during the 47th annual conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners. The inductions were announced between educational sessions of the meeting Sept. 19.

Dr. Mark E. Hardesty of Maria Stein, Ohio, received the 2014 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. Bovine Practitioner of the Year Award. The award is given to veterinarians in bovine practice for accomplishments that may span several years, and the accomplishments can include those related to practice, education, organized veterinary medicine, legislation, and contributions to the cattle industry.

Two veterinarians received the Merial Excellence in Preventive Medicine Award, which is given to practitioners or practices that develop outstanding preventive medicine programs. Dr. Daniel R. Goehl of Canton, Missouri, received the award for beef practice, and Dr. Nicholas C. Chuff of Ilion, New York, received the award for dairy practice.

Dr. Jesse P. Goff of Ames, Iowa, received the Zoetis Distinguished Service Award. The award is given for lengthy service that promotes AABP goals and serves as a model for contributions to bovine agriculture through organized veterinary medicine.

Dr. Hans Coetzee of Ames, Iowa, received the AABP Award of Excellence. The award is given to veterinarians involved in teaching, research, industry, or government work for consistent and direct influence on daily activities in bovine practice.

Dr. John Fetrow of the University of Minnesota was named the Merck Animal Health Mentor of the Year. The award is given to members who have worked in veterinary medicine at least 25 years and served as advisers and role models to veterinary students or preveterinary students.

Dr. Callie D. Willingham of Chandler, Arizona, received the James A. Jarrett Award for Young Leaders. The award is given to AABP members who provide extraordinary service that enhances the mission of the AABP within their first 10 years of graduation from veterinary school.

And Drs. David T. Bechtol of Canyon, Texas, and Maarten Drost of Gainesville, Florida, were inducted into the Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame. Dr. Bechtol was inducted for contributions in beef practice and Dr. Drost for contributions in dairy practice, and both were honored for lifelong commitment to bovine veterinary medicine.