Guidance addresses relocation of dogs, cats for adoption

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The AVMA has released a new publication, “Relocation of Dogs and Cats for Adoption: Best Practices,” to offer guidance for the transport of adoptable dogs and cats from areas with more supply to areas with more demand.

Careful planning is necessary to ensure the animals’ welfare, protect animal and human safety, and avoid the spread of disease, according to the AVMA policy on “Relocation of Pets for Adoption.”

The AVMA Animal Welfare Committee developed the guidance with assistance from the AVMA Animal Welfare Division. The publication applies to shelter-to-shelter relocations, grassroots efforts, and commercial operations.

The guidance addresses reasons for relocating adoptable dogs and cats; methods of relocation; selection of animals; responsibilities of participants; responsibilities before, during, and after transport; enclosure space and design; and special precautions for certain animals.

The publication is available in PDF format.