Meyer looks to navigate the future in new role

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Outgoing AVMA Executive Board Chair Thomas F. Meyer is running for president.

The mixed animal veterinarian and practice owner from Vancouver, Washington, launched his campaign for 2015-2016 AVMA president-elect July 25 at the Candidates’ Introductory Breakfast in conjunction with the AVMA House of Delegates regular annual session in Denver.

Dr. Meyer
Dr. Thomas F. Meyer

Dr. Meyer is currently the only candidate for the office. He is endorsed by the Washington State VMA.

Throughout his career Dr. Meyer has held leadership positions at the local, state, and national levels of organized veterinary medicine, including as president of the Washington State VMA. In 2008, the AVMA members of District XI elected him as their representative to the Board of Directors, and for the past year, Dr. Meyer has served as board chair. He is a 1978 graduate of Washington State University.

In his remarks, Dr. Meyer likened the AVMA to a linchpin, describing it as “an absolutely essential” mechanism that holds together a diverse and complex profession involved in many aspects of society.

“With that diversity and complexity comes the necessity to have the organizational structure and direction in which to keep our association—the AVMA—on a course that maintains value and relevancy for our members and the profession,” he said.

The AVMA has been ”blessed” with visionary leadership during its more than 150-year history, Dr. Meyer said, noting the Association had recently embarked on a Strategy Management Process.

“This effort,” Dr. Meyer said, “was launched with full appreciation that our members’ needs and our profession are continually evolving. This comprehensive evaluation and planning effort will result in a stronger, more focused, and more well-oiled AVMA for our members.

“With all this directional input for the AVMA, my campaign focus is on navigating the future and why it’s important to do so with purpose and certainty so that AVMA will continue to be that linchpin.”