Kinnarney, Stinson carry the day in the HOD

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It was a fine day for the two candidates from the Tar Heel State.

Drs. Joseph H. Kinnarney and Rebecca E. Stinson, North Carolinians both, prevailed over their opponents and were elected as 2014-2015 AVMA president-elect and 2014-2016 AVMA vice president, respectively, July 25 during the AVMA House of Delegates regular annual session in Denver.

Dr. Kinnarney
Dr. Joseph H. Kinnarney
Dr. Stinson
Dr. Rebecca E. Stinson

Dr. Kinnarney is a mixed animal practitioner from Reidsville and president of four small animal hospitals and an equine hospital. A 1980 graduate of Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, he has served as Student AVMA president, AVMA vice president, District III representative to the Board of Directors, and a member of the HOD.

“A year ago, I stood before you at the Candidates’ Breakfast, and I talked about economics. I talked about communication. I talked about us doing more public marketing. In the year of campaigning … I talked to members who had nothing to do with the House of Delegates, and I can tell you, they are looking for action on these issues,” Dr. Kinnarney said.

“We must address communication to our members,” he continued. “We must enhance and look at the economics of our profession. And we must market ourselves and speak to the public. Going forward, I will try my best to keep this on the front burner.”

As vice president, Dr. Stinson will spend the two years as the AVMA liaison to the Student AVMA and student chapters. The position also entails a seat on the AVMA Board of Directors as a voting member.

Dr. Stinson, who received her DVM degree in 2002 from the University of Georgia, is an equine practitioner and is also from Reidsville. In addition to being an AVMA Future Leaders Program participant, she was a member of the former AVMA Member Services Committee, the Council on Veterinary Service, and the Model Practice Act Task Force. Dr. Stinson is a former SAVMA president and was chair of the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ Student Relations Committee.

“Thank you so much,” Dr. Stinson said to the HOD. “I promise I will do the best job I can for you, and I think we’re going to have a great couple of years together.”