Resource provides guidance on backyard chickens

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The AVMA has developed a new online reference, “Backyard Chickens 101: A Quick Guide for Small Animal Veterinarians,” in response to member requests for a go-to resource on the subject.

A flock of backyard chickens
Photo by R. Scott Nolen

Chickens are coming to roost in both rural and urban areas, as sources of eggs and as backyard pets. Owners of backyard chickens may turn to small animal practitioners for treatment of the birds. The nuances of poultry topics, including federal rules on drug use in pet chickens, can mean a paradigm shift for small and mixed animal practitioners and may even require adaptations by food animal practitioners used to commercial operations.

The AVMA guide on backyard chickens provides short synopses on topics ranging from extralabel drug use to common diseases in chickens. The reference also provides a one-stop shop of links to experts and additional resources.

The guide, available only to AVMA members, is here.

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