Guide on cattle lameness available

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Guidelines pagesGuidelines published in spring could help bovine veterinarians teach clients how to identify and respond to lamenesses in cattle that are caused by infection or environmental factors.

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners published in March the document “Lameness in dairy and beef herds,” which is intended for use by veterinarians in the instruction of clients. The two-page document is available here.

The guidelines offer advice on identifying lameness and factors that can contribute to lameness, use of preventive care, communication with farm employees, and assessment of problems on the basis of farm records.

In an announcement, Dr. Richard Wiley, who chaired the AABP task force that created the guidelines, said lameness not only affects growth and development but also is “a visible welfare issue.”

“Veterinarians are encouraged to take these guidelines to their clients and become leaders in the discussion of lameness issues,” he said.