Production canceled for flea and tick collars containing propoxur

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The Environmental Protection Agency has reached an agreement with Sergeant’s Pet Care Products Inc. and Wellmark International to cancel production and distribution of flea and tick pet collars containing propoxur.

A risk assessment by the EPA found risks to children from exposure to propoxur collars. The agency completed the risk assessment in fall 2013 in response to a petition from the Natural Resources Defense Council to cancel production of the collars.

The risk assessment found, in some scenarios, unacceptable risks to children from exposure to propoxur collars on the first day of treatment. The major source of exposure is from absorption through the skin after directly touching the treated pet.

The EPA published the cancellation order in the March 26 issue of the Federal Register. Under the voluntary agreement, the manufacturers may produce the propoxur collars until April 1, 2015, but may not distribute the products after April 1, 2016. The agency will monitor for incidents from use of these collars and take further action if necessary.