Nominations invited for president-elect

Published on April 02, 2014
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Nominations are invited for AVMA president-elect for the July 2015-August 2016 Association year.

While nominations will be accepted for this position through spring 2015, interested candidates are advised to submit their nominations by May 1, 2014. This timing allows for participation in the Candidates’ Introductory Breakfast at the 2014 AVMA Annual Convention in Denver.

Candidates will then have a full year to campaign. Election by the AVMA House of Delegates will take place at the 2015 AVMA Annual Convention in Boston. The president-elect will go on to serve as president for the August 2016-July 2017 Association year.

Candidates for president-elect must meet the following requirements:

  • Have been voting members of the Association for at least 10 continuous years immediately prior to their election.
  • Have served at least one term on the AVMA Executive Board, one full term on an AVMA council, two full terms on an AVMA committee, or four years as a delegate or alternate delegate in the House of Delegates or have had extensive experience in a state VMA, constituent allied veterinary organization, or regional VMA.