More ‘Simple Answers’ from AVMA

Published on April 02, 2014
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The AVMA continues to produce the “Simple Answers” series of videos for members offering responses to tough questions facing recent graduates.

Dr. Gardner
Dr. Mary Gardner (FL ’08) discusses how new hires can stand out in their clinic.

As of mid-March, the AVMA had posted 10 videos addressing questions ranging from “Do you cry during euthanasia?” to “What will help you stand out in your practice?” The members-only series is available at

Members may submit questions for potential future videos to avmasimpleanswersatgmail [dot] com (avmasimpleanswers[at]gmail[dot]com). Experienced veterinarians who would like to make a video with advice for recent graduates should email mzingaleatavma [dot] org (mzingale[at]avma[dot]org) with the subject line “Simple Answers.”