AVMA offers new materials for clients

Published on April 02, 2014
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The AVMA has created new Web pages and a new flier to help educate pet owners about pet care subjects.

Tank is a survivor of canine parvovirus. New client materials from the AVMA include a Web page about the disease.

One Web page asks pet owners “Who’s in charge of your animal’s care while you’re away?” The page is available here. The page advises pet owners about questions to consider before taking a trip without their pet and actions they can take to provide for their pet’s care while they’re away.

A number of new Web pages are available here. The new page on spaying and castration covers surgical and nonsurgical options, reasons to neuter, risks of neutering, and when to neuter. The new page on senior pets outlines geriatric issues and emphasizes regular veterinary examinations. New pages on diseases provide overviews of canine parvovirus infection, heartworm disease, leptospirosis, and toxoplasmosis. Each page discusses the disease, transmission, signs of illness, prevention, and treatment. The AVMA also offers client brochures on spaying and castration, senior pets, diseases, and other topics.

The new flier informs pet owners about pet safety in cold weather. Practitioners can hand out the flier to clients or post it in their clinic. The flier has space to add clinic information. The AVMA is providing the flier as a free resource for members of the AVMA and Student AVMA. The flier is available to download in PDF form.

Dr. Kimberly May, AVMA director of professional and public affairs, welcomes suggestions for other topics for client materials at kmayatavma [dot] org (kmay[at]avma[dot]org) or 800-248-2862, ext. 6667.