AVMA seeks to host student researchers, poultry scientists

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Upcoming AVMA annual conventions could feature a student research symposium and the Poultry Science Association.

On Jan. 10, the AVMA Executive Board approved offering to host the Merial–National Institutes of Health Veterinary Scholars Symposium for the first time, at the 2020 AVMA Annual Convention. The board also approved discussions to hold a joint convention for the second time with the Poultry Science Association, in 2018.

Each summer, hundreds of veterinary students participate in research projects at veterinary colleges. The students present their findings at the Merial-NIH Veterinary Scholars Symposium, which is traditionally held at a veterinary college. The 2013 symposium at Michigan State University attracted about 600 registrants, including 458 students.

According to background materials, hosting the symposium at the AVMA convention would benefit the AVMA and AVMA members by supporting evidence-based medicine, engaging students in the value of research, branding the AVMA as a partner in the continuum of science-based education, promoting alternative career pathways to veterinary students, strengthening the scientific content available to convention attendees, and increasing student participation and engagement at the convention.

In 2011, the AVMA and the Poultry Science Association held a joint meeting in St. Louis, at a profit to the AVMA. The PSA inquired about another partnership with the AVMA for 2018. The AVMA Convention Management and Program Committee recommended discussing an agreement.

Among other actions, the board indefinitely postponed revisions to the AVMA policy on “Internet Pharmacies.” The Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents and the Judicial Council will coordinate to recommend revising that policy and the AVMA Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics to state that veterinarians “shall,” instead of “should,” honor client requests to prescribe rather than dispense a drug.