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The following individuals are winners of the 2013 Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award and the Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence. The Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award is given to educators in recognition of their character and leadership qualities as well as their outstanding teaching abilities. The Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence recognizes researchers whose innovative studies have advanced the scientific standing of veterinary medicine.

Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award

Ellen Behrend, VMD, PhD, Auburn University
Matthew S. Mellema, DVM, PhD, University of California-Davis
Craig Webb, DVM, PhD, Colorado State University
Nathan L. Dykes, DVM, Cornell University
G. Arthur Donovan, DVM, University of Florida
Sherry Sanderson, DVM, PhD, University of Georgia
Anne M. Barger, DVM, University of Illinois
Gayle B. Brown, DVM, Iowa State University
Kenneth R. Harkin, DVM, Kansas State University
Kirk A. Ryan, DVM, Louisiana State University
Thomas Mullaney, MVB, PhD, Michigan State University
Judy Lulich, DVM, PhD, University of Minnesota
Erica D. Baravik-Munsell, DVM, Mississippi State University
Dusty Nagy, DVM, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia
Steven Marks, BVSc, North Carolina State University
Mary A. McLoughlin, DVM, The Ohio State University
James Lish, PhD, Oklahoma State University
Keith Poulsen, DVM, PhD, Oregon State University
Erika L. Krick, VMD, University of Pennsylvania
Amy Fauber, DVM, Purdue University
Donald E. Thrall, DVM, PhD, Ross University
Sunil Gupta, MVSc, St. George’s University
Brian K. Roberts, DVM, St. Matthew’s University
Diane Van Horn Hendrix, DVM, University of Tennessee
Gerald R. Bratton, DVM, PhD, Texas A&M University
Sandra L Ayres, DVM, Tufts University
Martha M. Larson, DVM, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
Patricia Talcott, DVM, PhD, Washington State University
Joseph J. Bertone, DVM, Western University of Health Sciences
Linda Sullivan, DVM, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research

Dawn M. Boothe, DVM, PhD, Auburn University
Paul Russell, PhD, University of California-Davis
Gregory C. Amberg, PhD, Colorado State University
Jonathan Cheetham, VetMB, PhD, Cornell University
Sergei G. Tevosian, PhD, University of Florida
Donald A. Harn, PhD, University of Georgia
Dan Rock, PhD, University of Illinois
Jeffrey J. Zimmerman, DVM, PhD, Iowa State University
H. Morgan Scott, DVM, PhD, Kansas State University
Mandi J. López, DVM, PhD, Louisiana State University
LoÏc Déjardin, DVM, Michigan State University
Al Beitz, PhD, University of Minnesota
Mark L. Lawrence, DVM, PhD, Mississippi State University
Charles Brown, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia
Natasha Olby, VetMB, PhD, North Carolina State University
Li Wu, PhD, The Ohio State University
Mason Reichard, PhD, Oklahoma State University
Stuart Helfand, DVM, Oregon State University
Carolina P. Lopez, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Joanne B. Messick, DVM, PhD, Purdue University
Ignacio Lizarrago, MVSc, PhD, Ross University
Ulrike Zieger, DVM, St. George’s University
Samantha Shields, DVM, St. Matthew’s University
Barry T. Rouse, DVM, PhD, University of Tennessee
Michael C. Golding, PhD, Texas A&M University
Sam Rountree Telford III, ScD, Tufts University
Woubit Abdela, DVM, PhD, Tuskegee University
Gerhardt G. Schurig, DVM, PhD, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
Douglas R. Call, PhD, Washington State University
Pedro Paulo Vissotto de Paiva Diniz, DVM, PhD, Western University of Health Sciences
Tony L. Goldberg, DVM, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison