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Dr. LeBlanc
Dr. Michelle LeBlanc
Dr. Warner
Dr. Gary Warner
Dr. Sanders
Dr. Don Sanders

Event: Annual Conference, Aug. 7-10, Louisville, Ky.
Program: Plenary sessions featured “Behavioral principles of keeping cattle calm” by Temple Grandin, PhD, and “Commercial dog breeding: implications for animal well-being” by Candace C. Croney, PhD. An Educators Forum, sponsored by the Theriogenology Foundation, provided information on training of residents in theriogenology. Forty scientific abstracts, eight poster presentations, and six veterinary student case presentations were provided during various sessions at the conference.
Awards: David E. Bartlett Lifetime Achievement Award: The late Dr. Michelle LeBlanc, Lexington, Ky. Dr. LeBlanc presented the award lecture posthumously via prerecorded video. Dr. LeBlanc was recognized for her dedication to teaching and research in equine theriogenology in the areas of postbreeding oxytocin–induced uterine evacuation and placentitis in mares. Dr. John Steiner Award for Excellence in Practice, sponsored by Merck Animal Health: Dr. Gary Warner, Elgin, Texas. Dr. Warner was recognized for his clinical expertise in fertility of beef bulls, especially rodeo bulls. Dr. Jerry Rains Memorial Abstract Competition, sponsored by Merck Animal Health: Dr. Elizabeth A. Coffman, Columbus, Ohio, “Effects of early versus mid diestrus PGF2a administration in the mare,” first place ($1,000); Caitlin Donovan, Corvallis, Ore., “GnRH immunization for the treatment of urinary incontinence in spayed bitches,” second place ($750); Dr. Igor F. Canisso, Lexington, Ky., “Experimental induction of nocardioform placentitis in mares,” third place ($500); and Dr. Hilari French, Urbana, Ill., “Effects of pyrethroid insecticides on cattle fertility,” fourth place ($250). Veterinary Student Case Presentation Competition, sponsored by Zoetis: Viviane C. L. Gomes, Kansas State University, “Satisfactory semen quality after testicular rupture and hemicastration in a bull,” first place ($650); Ana K. Malone Oliver, University of Pennsylvania, “Single mummified fetus in a mare,” second place ($525); Jason Anton, Oklahoma State University, “Use of a modified Vinsot technique for partial phallectomy due to paraphimosis,” third place ($450); Amanda J. Durand, Auburn University, “Diagnosis and treatment of a gelding with seminal vesiculitis,” fourth place ($375); Anna K. Daniel, Auburn University, “Recurrent seminal vesiculitis in a stallion,” fifth place ($300); and DeAnna Cotton, Auburn University, “A case of transitional cell carcinoma in the vagina,” sixth place ($200). Each of the six participants in the Veterinary Student Case Presentation Competition who also participated in the Dr. Jerry Rains Memorial Abstract Competition also received a travel stipend of $250 provided by the Theriogenology Foundation. Student Chapter of the Year Award, sponsored by Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital: the SFT student chapter at Auburn University, first place ($1,000 and a plaque); and the SFT student chapter at Washington State University, second place ($500 and a plaque). This was the first year for this competition; teams earned points for their theriogenology-related activities and the number of participants at their veterinary school, at the SFT Annual Conference, in the Merck Therio Quiz Bowl, and in the best T-shirt design competition.
Business: The SFT moved forward with initiatives identified during the strategic planning session. These included reviewing the activities of five committees, being more proactive on the SFT website, and providing webinars. The Theriogenology Foundation, a joint organization of the SFT and American College of Theriogenologists, provided support again this year for the Veterinary Student Case Presentation Competition (travel stipends for participants) and the ACT Educators Forum, and a resident/intern travel grant.
Officials: Drs. Don Sanders, Marysville, Ohio, president; Herris Maxwell, Auburn, Ala., president-elect; Michael Thompson, Holly Springs, Miss., vice president; Robyn Wilborn, Lafayette, Ala., secretary-treasurer; and Scott Pretzer, Lincoln, Neb., immediate past president. Newly elected members of the board of directors are Drs. Arn A. Anderson, Bowie, Texas; Ernest H. Martinez, Lexington, Ky.; and Joann Randall, Woodstock, Ill.