Hazard communication plans require updating

Published on July 01, 2013
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The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has updated its hazard communication requirements for all employers—including veterinary practice owners—and has set Dec. 1 as the first compliance deadline. By that date, employers must have trained their employees on the new label elements for hazardous substances and safety data sheets—previously called material safety data sheets—format of the revised Hazard Communication Standard.

Several products commonly used in veterinary medicine may pose risks to people if stored, used, or disposed of improperly. Plus, veterinary practices with employees are legally obligated to have safeguards in place to help protect their employees from workplace hazards. Employee training, immediate access to safety data sheets, a written hazard communication plan, and a list of hazardous substances in the workplace are a few of the key components required in every practice’s hazard communication efforts.

To learn more about how recent changes impact veterinary practices and the phase-in compliance deadlines, visit the Workplace Hazard Communications Web page, an available members-only resource.