Subaru, nonprofit partner to improve car restraints for pets

Published on April 03, 2013
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​Subaru of America Inc. announced in March that it is partnering with the nonprofit Center for Pet Safety to fund testing of car restraints for pets.

The organizations will create standards for testing restraints and announce which products perform best.

The Center for Pet Safety previously conducted crash testing on four popular brands of car harnesses for dogs, using a 55-pound dog model in collisions at 30 miles per hour. The center concluded that none of the harnesses provided adequate protection for the dog or humans in the vehicle.

Lindsey Wolko, the center’s founder and chief executive officer, said, “We have received requests from all over the world from manufacturers who want guidance on developing a safer harness and, through this partnership, we can finally conduct additional testing to help develop a suitable standard, provide the needed knowledge base to manufacturers, as well as determine the top performers.”