Renewals begin for revised NVAP

Published on March 20, 2013
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USDA logoAbout 1,100 veterinarians whose federal accreditation renewals were due in January renewed in time, but about 400 let their accreditation lapse, according to information provided by the Department of Agriculture.

In the revised version of the National Veterinary Accreditation Program, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has given each participating veterinarian a renewal deadline sometime within the three-year period starting in January. Those participating in the program need to meet continuing education requirements and send in renewal documents every three years to continue to be eligible to perform certain duties for the USDA, such as issuing travel documentation for pets or livestock.

Those who fail to renew their accreditation but continue performing duties limited to accredited veterinarians could face criminal and civil penalties, APHIS information states.

APHIS Veterinary Services area offices can provide information on renewal deadlines, and APHIS offers webinars every Thursday to help accredited veterinarians through the renewal process.

More information, including information on continuing education, is available at