Sesquicentennial summit to feature veterinary students

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Veterinary students have a unique opportunity to vie for a chance at not only winning scholarship money but also being a featured speaker during a one-day symposium at next year’s AVMA Annual Convention.

The AVMA is inviting veterinary students to participate in its 150th Anniversary Campaign next year by submitting an entry to its 150th Anniversary Education Symposium student scholarship opportunity.

Eight winners will be selected to speak at the “Understanding Our Past to Transform Our Future” symposium, which will be held during the 2013 convention next July in Chicago. The 150th anniversary campaign is funding registration, housing, and travel expenses for the winning entrants.

The AVMA had initially planned holding a one-day symposium featuring a panel of distinguished veterinarians presenting the most important accomplishments in their fields. Ultimately, however, it was decided that the symposium should consist of students presenting their research on the profession’s historical roots and successes. Organizers agreed that this would allow attendees to hear the vision for the future from the next generation of veterinarians.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation is providing a $2,500 scholarship award for each winner.

These scholarships will support veterinary students seeking to enrich their professional development, become more engaged in the evolution of the veterinary profession, and uncover new career opportunities and possibilities.

Michael Cathey, AVMF executive director, said, “It’s also a special way for us to celebrate AVMA’s anniversary and our own 50th anniversary. This effort falls under our initiatives of not only student enhancement but also supporting the AVMA and its initiatives. Overall, it’s a nice joint celebration of both our anniversaries and a way for all of us to learn more about the historical component of our profession.”

Submitting an entry for the contest is a two-part process. First, veterinary students must make known their intent to participate in the scholarship opportunity. They can email the AVMA at StudentSummitatavma [dot] org (StudentSummit[at]avma[dot]org) with the following information: name, area of interest (outlined in the contest documents), and a paragraph of 300 words or less that expresses the student’s commitment to, and enthusiasm for, participating in this opportunity.

These initial proposals must be submitted by 5 p.m. CST on Dec. 31, 2012.

Then, participants must select, research, and report on one of the following areas of interest, giving a past, present, and future perspective: companion animal, equine, food animal, industry, academia, public practice, wildlife and ecosystem health, or global food security.

As part of their research, students need to interview a minimum of two established leaders in their area of interest. Their final submission can include a compilation of interviews—written or recorded—and be submitted as a written proposal or a video.

Students may choose to work in groups, but only one member from each finalist’s submission will receive an expense-paid trip to the convention, and only one educational scholarship will be awarded per finalist.

Final submissions will be due by March 15, 2013, with anticipation of selections being made by May 15.