AVMA provides background on policies

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The AVMA has developed a backgrounder that clarifies the purpose of the Association’s policies and summarizes the process of policy development.

The backgrounder, “AVMA Policy from Start to Finish,” explains that policies are the guiding principles of the Association.

“Not only do policies provide guidance to the veterinary profession, they also provide a message platform from which the Association can advocate for the profession on legislation, regulation, public outreach, and more,” according to the backgrounder.

The Executive Board and House of Delegates have the power to make AVMA policy. The board generally acts on recommendations from the Association’s councils, committees, and other entities. The HOD generally acts on resolutions from the board, House Advisory Committee, organizations in the HOD, and HOD reference committees. The HOD also may act on resolutions submitted by petition by AVMA members.

Many of the Association’s policies as well as the backgrounder on how AVMA policy is made are available at avma.org/KB/Policies.