Tritrichomonas foetus study planned

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The Theriogenology Foundation has committed $5,403.20 in funding toward an investigation into the chronic nature of infection with Tritrichomonas foetus in naturally infected bulls.

The study was designed by a research group at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine led by Dr. Andrew Lovelady. Dr. Lovelady (AUB ‘04) said, “Our group has proposed the theory that the accessory sex organs of the bull may play a role in the organism’s ability to establish a chronic infection within some bulls. Although this theory has been briefly investigated in the past, we believe that we have newer technologies and sufficient evidence available at present to reinvestigate this theory.”

His group conducted a small pilot study which, he said, has yielded evidence supporting its theory.

“Validation of our theory through this project could reveal important information regarding the epidemiology/pathophysiology of this economically devastating parasite,” Dr. Lovelady said.

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners has awarded an AABP Research Assistantship to Dr. Lovelady, and the initial 75 percent of the $5,000 grant was released at the opening ceremony of the AABP annual conference Sept. 20 in Montreal.