AVMF enlisting ambassadors

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The American Veterinary Medical Foundation contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in support of research initiatives, veterinary student scholarships, disaster relief efforts, and the AVMA. And now the Foundation is looking for greater support for its work through its "Ambassadors for Animals" program, which was launched early this year.

The program provides a way for veterinarians and their practices, members of the veterinary community, pet owners, and animal caregivers to share in activities related to the care, health, and benefit of animals.

Ambassadors, when they pay the $25 annual fee, receive a card indicating their participation in the program, a supply of "Ambassadors for Animal" brochures, AVMF email newsletters, and a window decal—one either for practices or for individuals. They also pledge to the following actions:

  • "Like" AVMF on Facebook.
  • Share stories about the difference their veterinarian has made in the lives of animals with the AVMF via social media sites and with colleagues and friends.
  • Promote the AVMF Ambassadors program via email with colleagues, clients, and friends.
  • Call on others to join the program.
  • Support AVMF programs and events through other financial contributions, endowment opportunities, volunteering, and the like.
  • Identify and schedule an in-person public, community presentation to a school, civic organization, or social group on an AVMF-prepared message.
  • Promote and use the AVMF Memorials & Tributes program.
  • Coordinate/host an AVMF Ambassadors event or activity.

Ambassadors could also serve on one of the Foundation's councils or committees.

"'Ambassadors for Animals' is intended to be an engagement touch point," said AVMF Executive Director Michael Cathey. He said it allows people to enjoy greater participation in the Foundation as well as meet new people with the same interest in the care of animals. At press time, more than 20 individuals and practices had signed up.

Email Cindy Rutkowski or visit www.avmf.org, click on the "How to Help" link, and select "Ambassador for Animals" to learn more about the program or receive an application form.