Auxiliary promotes pet health for National Pet Week

Published on February 15, 2012
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"Healthy Pets Make Happy Homes" is the message that the Auxiliary to the AVMA will be spreading for National Pet Week 2012, May 6-12.

The AVMA and the Auxiliary created National Pet Week in 1981 to foster responsible pet ownership, recognize the human-animal bond, and increase public awareness of veterinary medicine.

The Auxiliary held its annual poster and writing contests in early 2011 to generate promotional materials for National Pet Week 2012. The winner of each contest received $300.

Stephanie Jensen, a stay-at-home mother from Grantsville, Utah, submitted the painting that won the poster contest. Her seven children and many pets provided inspiration for the painting.

Emma Jewell of Lincoln, Neb., was a fifth-grader when she submitted the poem that won the writing contest.

The Happy Home Recipe

A healthy pet is a happy pet;
That means that they don't
rip up curtains,
Or "go" in the house,
Or decide to raid the fridge.

A healthy pet is a happy pet;
And when they're happy,
They usually behave.
That makes their owners happy, too.

A healthy pet is a happy pet;
So their owners don't mind
If (once and a while)
They decide to chase a squirrel on the evening walk.

A healthy pet is a happy pet;
Paradise is a nap in the sun,
A favorite squeaky toy,
Not an "all you can eat of your owner's chocolate stash" buffet!

The recipe:
Happy, healthy pets +
Nice owners =
A happy home.

2012 National Pet Week Poster – Health Pets make Happy Homes

Promotional materials for National Pet Week 2012, featuring the "Healthy Pets make Happy Homes" poster, are available to order by visiting, then looking under "National Pet Week" and clicking on "Merchandise."