Veterinarian pleads guilty to murder

Published on January 15, 2012
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A Pennsylvania veterinarian has received two consecutive sentences of life in prison after pleading guilty to killing his pregnant girlfriend, a veterinary technician.

Dr. David A. Rapoport of Lansdale, Pa., pleaded guilty Dec. 8, 2011, to two counts of first-degree murder for the March 2011 killing of Jennifer L. Snyder and their unborn child. Dr. Rapoport is married to another woman.

At the hearing, Dr. Rapoport apologized to Snyder's family and his family. He said, "Every moment of every day, I ask myself why."

Gregory O'Neill of the Pennsylvania State Police summarized the findings of the investigation as follows.

Dr. Rapoport became aware of Snyder's pregnancy in late January or early February 2011. On Feb. 16, he took a shooting lesson. On March 11, he purchased a gun.

On March 16, Dr. Rapoport bought duct tape, bleach, baby wipes, and a towel. He practiced shooting the gun at a range before meeting Snyder at a bagel shop.

Dr. Rapoport and Snyder took her car to Game Preserve Road, where he shot her to death. He wrapped her body in a blanket, garbage bags, and duct tape.

After disposing of the body in a ditch, Dr. Rapoport used bleach to try to clean the car. He returned to the area of the bagel shop, left the car in a parking lot, and threw items from the car into a trash bin.

Ballistics experts said two spent bullet casings in Snyder's car and one along the road were fired from Dr. Rapoport's gun. Items from the trash bin and Dr. Rapoport's car matched items used in the crime.