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Association of Avian Veterinarians

Dr. Tully
Dr. Thomas N. Tully Jr.
Dr. Harris
Dr. James Harris
Dr. Hoppes
Dr. Sharman Hoppes

Event: Annual meeting, Aug. 6-12, Seattle
Awards: Dr. T. J. Lafeber Avian Practitioner Award: Dr. Thomas N. Tully Jr., Baton Rouge, La., for advancing avian medicine and surgery while providing inspiration and showing compassion. A 1986 graduate of Louisiana State University, Dr. Tully is a professor of zoologic medicine at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. He also serves as the Veterinary Teaching Hospital's chief of companion animal medicine. Dr. Tully is a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (avian practice) and European College of Zoological Medicine (avian practice). Speaker of the Year: Dr. Larry Nemetz, Orange, Calif. Following his graduation from Purdue University in 1987, Dr. Nemetz founded The BIRD Clinic in Santa Ana, Calif., to promote advanced medical and surgical care for pet birds. In 2007, he established a new clinic in Orange, also using the facility for teaching veterinary students interested in avian medicine. Dr. Nemetz was chosen as the favorite speaker from the 2010 AAV conference. AAV Resident Manuscript Competition Award: Dr. Johanna Mejia-Fava, Athens, Ga., for "Ante-mortem diagnosis of proventricular nematodiasis in an umbrella cockatoo;" AAV Student Manuscript Competition Award: Nathaniel Kane, Fort Collins, Colo., for "Utility of fecal occult blood testing in macaws."
Officials: Drs. James Harris, Sandy Bay, Australia, president; Sharman Hoppes, College Station, Texas, president-elect; Kenneth Welle, Urbana, Ill., treasurer; and Heather Barron, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, immediate past president and conference chair

Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians

Dr. Reavill
Dr. Drury Reavill
Dr. Gibbons
Dr. Paul Gibbons
Dr. Harkewicz
Dr. Kenneth Harkewicz
Dr. Varble
Dr. Dana Varble

Event: Annual meeting, Aug. 9-12, Seattle
Program: This year's meeting, held in conjunction with the Association of Avian Veterinarians and the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, drew 215 attendees. The meeting featured round-table discussions, scientific presentations, poster presentations, and practical workshops.
Awards: Presidential Service Award: Drs. Drury Reavill, Citrus Heights, Calif., and Paul Gibbons, Ojai, Calif. A 1986 graduate of Colorado State University, Dr. Reavill owns Zoo/Exotic Pathology Service in West Sacramento, Calif. She is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (avian practice). Dr. Reavill was honored for her service as chair of the Examination Committee of the Organizing Committee for ABVP Specialty Certification in Reptile and Amphibian Practice. A 1994 graduate of the University of Illinois, Dr. Gibbons is managing director of the Turtle Conservancy at the Behler Chelonian Center in Ojai. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. Dr. Gibbons was honored for his service as chair of the ARAV Specialization Committee and the Organizing Committee for ABVP Specialty Certification in Reptile and Amphibian Practice. Student Poster Award: First place—Joanna Hedley, Roslin, United Kingdom, for "Survey of gastrointestinal parasites in tortoises in the United Kingdom"; runners-up—Anne Rivas, Urbana, Ill., for "Morbidity and mortality of reptiles in central Illinois 2003-2010;" and Nicola De Girolamo, Rome, for "Relationship between elevated post-hibernation mortality and individual factors in Testudo hermanni." Certificates of appreciation for service as committee chairs were given to Drs. Adolf K. Maas, Bothell, Wash.; Kevin M. Wright, Mesa, Ariz.; David Hannon, Cordova, Tenn.; and Todd Gray, Downers Grove, Ill.; and for service as treasurer from 2008-2011, to Dr. J. Jill Heatley, College Station, Texas.
Business: The ARAV board of directors held a strategic planning session, and short- and long-term plans were put in place. The first group of diplomates to be certified by the ABVP in reptile and amphibian practice (see JAVMA, Feb. 1, 2011, pg 278) were introduced.
Officials: Drs. Kenneth Harkewicz, Berkeley, Calif., president; Dana Varble, Skokie, Ill., president-elect; Rachel Marschang, Stuttgart, Germany, vice president; David Hannon, Cordova, Tenn., secretary; Todd Gray, Downers Grove, Ill., treasurer; Paul Gibbons, Ojai, Calif., immediate past president; and Wilbur Amand, West Chester, Pa., executive director

Colorado VMA

Dr. Lavizzo
Dr. Aubrey J. Lavizzo
Dr. Platt
Dr. George W. Platt
Dr. Shaw
Dr. Jane R. Shaw
Dr. Kathleen A. Cooney
Dr. Kathleen A. Cooney


Rebecca Vera
Rebecca Vera
Rebecca Rose
Rebecca Rose
Dr. Steele
Dr. Apryl Steele
Dr. MacMillan
Dr. Randa MacMillan

Event: Annual meeting, Sept. 15-18, Keystone
Awards: Veterinarian of the Year: Dr. Aubrey J. Lavizzo, Denver. A 1970 graduate of Tuskegee University, Dr. Lavizzo owns The Center for Animal Wellness in Denver. He collaborated with The Children's Museum of Denver and the Colorado Alliance for Cruelty Prevention to create the educational interactive museum exhibit "Ready, Vet, Go!" He established a partnership between the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and The Center for Animal Wellness in providing care for the pets of the homeless on the annual Colorado Cesar Chavez Day of Service. Dr. Lavizzo is active with the HOPE program of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Foundation, providing veterinary care for pets of the homebound, and has served as a facilitator with the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Experience for the past six years. Distinguished Service Award: Dr. George W. Platt, Eagle. Dr. Platt, who died Sept. 21 (see obituary), was honored for outstanding service to the advancement of veterinary medicine over an extended period in Colorado in any or all aspects of the profession. A 1962 graduate of Colorado State University, Dr. Platt recently retired after 48 years as an equine practitioner in Kansas, Texas, Florida, and Colorado. In the 1970s, he teamed with farrier Burney Chapman and resurrected and adapted the heart bar shoe from John Dollar's 1895 farrier's manual to treat laminitic horses. Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Jane R. Shaw, Fort Collins. A 1994 graduate of Michigan State University, Dr. Shaw is an assistant professor of veterinary communication and directs the Argus Institute at Colorado State University. Earlier in her career, she was a member of the veterinary faculties at Cornell University and Western University of Health Sciences. Dr. Shaw serves on the advisory committee for the International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine. Rising Star Award: Dr. Kathleen A. Cooney, Loveland. A 2004 graduate of Colorado State University, Dr. Cooney has owned an in-home pet euthanasia practice since 2006. Known for her expertise in end-of-life care for companion animals, she established the In Home Pet Euthanasia Directory to connect pet owners across the country with local practitioners specializing in this service. Dr. Cooney is a member of the AVMA Panel on Euthanasia and serves as education chair of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care. Technician of the Year: Rebecca Vera, Denver. Vera is a technician at VCA Firehouse Animal Hospital. Earlier in her career, she worked at VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. During her time at VCA Alameda East, she co-authored two chapters with Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald in Reptile Medicine and Surgery. Industry Partner Award: Rebecca Rose, Denver, won this award, given to a company representative considered highly valuable in providing resources to veterinarians and in supporting the association's goals and mission. Rose owns and serves as president of Red Valley Rose Consulting, focusing on career development, hospital management, and professional growth. Earlier in her career, she served as a veterinary technician and worked for the Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians. President's Award: State Sen. Greg Brophy, Wray, for his advice, judgement, and leadership while strengthening and clarifying the Colorado Veterinary Practice Act; Ann King, Denver, for connecting resources to community needs, advancing animal health and welfare, and heightening public regard for veterinary medicine; and Dr. Elizabeth Whitney, Fort Collins, for her contributions in clinical and corporate veterinary medicine, her commitment to mentoring future colleagues, and her service to organized veterinary medicine. Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies Veterinary Partnership Award: Dr. Cristy Fisher, Colorado Springs, won this award, given to a veterinarian who has made a difference for homeless and abused animals by volunteering with a local animal care and control agency, animal shelter, or rescue group. Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians Team of the Year Award: Pueblo Animal Services, Pueblo, was acknowledged as a veterinary health care team that demonstrates exceptional teamwork.
Business: The CVMA is launching a strategic initiative to enhance the economic and personal well-being of veterinarians in Colorado. For more information, go to
Officials: Drs. Apryl Steele, Littleton, president; Randa MacMillan, Littleton, president-elect; Peter Hellyer, Fort Collins, secretary-treasurer; Erin Epperly, Fowler, secretary-treasurer-elect; Thomas Parks, Yuma, immediate past president; and AVMA delegate and alternate delegate—Drs. John Rule, Steamboat Springs, and Melanie Marsden, Colorado Springs