Pfizer discontinuing ProMeris

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Pfizer Animal Health is discontinuing its ProMeris flea and tick control product.

Pfizer acquired ProMeris, which controls fleas and ticks on dogs and controls fleas on cats, with the acquisition of Fort Dodge Animal Health in 2009.

According to a statement from Pfizer Animal Health: "We have completed a thorough review and evaluation of the strategic fit into the Pfizer Animal Health portfolio and have made the decision to discontinue the manufacture and sale of ProMeris for Dogs and ProMeris for Cats. We notified our current customers of this decision in early April and will continue to fill their orders until September 30, 2011, or while supplies last."

Pfizer will continue selling its Revolution parasite control product for dogs and cats.

In late March, the journal Veterinary Dermatology published an article from researchers at North Carolina State University who found that ProMeris has the potential to trigger a variant of pemphigus foliaceus in dogs.

The article reports on 22 dogs that developed PF-like cutaneous drug reactions at the site of ProMeris application. Eight dogs developed lesions only at the application site, whereas the other 14 dogs developed skin lesions at the application site as well as at other noncontiguous sites.