Volunteers sought for AVMF committees

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The American Veterinary Medical Foundation is reaching out for volunteers for all AVMF committees. Openings are available on the following committees:

  • Committee on the Board: Sets board accountability standards.
  • Finance/Administration Committee: Monitors the performance of investments and budget.
  • Grants/Awards Committee: Reviews applications from grant recipients.
  • Strategic Planning Committee: Develops and monitors the strategic objectives of the AVMF.
  • Resource Development Committee: Plans the AVMF fundraising program and serves as an active proponent of the Foundation and its fundraising efforts, solicits donations, and chairs events.
  • Volunteer Engagement Committee: Recruits and coordinates volunteers to work on AVMF projects and programs and participates in the Our Oath in Action Shelter Rehabilitation project at the AVMA Annual Convention.avmf_lightblue_lg.gif

Each committee member is expected to serve as an ambassador of the AVMF, its mission, and its programs; give a personal and financial commitment; recruit others to serve as AVMF board or committee members; and commit to at least one committee conference call meeting per month, a yearly committees summit, and board meetings for that year.

"The more volunteers and ambassadors that the AVMF has engaged in our work, the greater the impact will be on behalf of the medical care and well-being for animals," said Michael Cathey, AVMF executive director. "The AVMF, like all not-for-profit organizations, is governed by—and most all of its activities and programs are delivered by—interested and dedicated volunteers."

Those interested in applying for a position are asked to complete a short survey, which can be found by going to www.avmf.org and clicking on the "Volunteer Opportunties" link under the "How to Help" section. Full committee descriptions are also available at that site.

Contact Cindy Rutkowski by e-mail or go to www.avmf.org/volunteer for any questions.