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The following individuals are winners of the 2010 Carl J. Norden-Pfizer Distinguished Teaching Award and the Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence. The Norden award is given to educators in recognition of their character and leadership qualities as well as their outstanding teaching abilities. The Pfizer award recognizes researchers whose innovative studies have advanced the scientific standing of veterinary medicine.

Carl J. Norden-Pfizer Distinguished Teaching Award

M. Daniel Givens, DVM, PhD, Auburn University
Richard Nelson, DVM, University of California-Davis
Timothy Holt, DVM, Colorado State University
Robert O. Gilbert, BVSc, Cornell University
Amara Estrada, DVM, University of Florida
Amelia R. Woolums, DVM, PhD, University of Georgia
Mark Mitchell, DVM, PhD, University of Illinois
Meredyth Jones, DVM, Kansas State University
Charles McCauley, DVM, Louisiana State University
Jon S. Patterson, DVM, PhD, Michigan State University
Christina Clarkson, DVM, PhD, University of Minnesota
Kim Johnson, DVM, Mississippi State University
Richard L. Meadows, DVM, University of Missouri-Columbia
Mathew P. Gerard, BVSc, PhD, North Carolina State University
S. Mark Strauch, PhD, The Ohio State University
Susan Little, DVM, PhD, Oklahoma State University
Kathy R. Magnusson, DVM, PhD, Oregon State University
Rose Nolen-Walston, DVM, University of Pennsylvania
Kevin M. Hannon, PhD, Purdue University
Anne Marie Corrigan, DVM, St. George's University
Louise Abbott, DVM, PhD, Texas A&M University
John Berg, DVM, Tufts University
Roslyn Casimir, DVM, Tuskegee University
Jeffrey N. Bryan, DVM, PhD, Washington State University
Linda Kidd, DVM, PhD, Western University of Health Sciences
Paul Manley, DVM, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence

Byron Blagburn, PhD, Auburn University
Xinbin Chen, BVM, PhD, University of California-Davis
Scott Earley, PhD, Colorado State University
Holger Sondermann, PhD, Cornell University
David S. Barber, PhD, University of Florida
Steve Budsberg, DVM, University of Georgia
Matthew C. Stewart, PhD, University of Illinois
Mark Ackermann, DVM, PhD, Iowa State University
David C. Poole, PhD, Kansas State University
Masami Yoshimura, DSc, Louisiana State University
P.S. MohanKumar, BVSc, PhD, Michigan State University
Stephanie J. Valberg, DVM, PhD, University of Minnesota
Jeffrey B. Eells, PhD, Mississippi State University
James L. Cook, DVM, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia
Thierry Olivry, DrVet, PhD, North Carolina State University
Cheryl A. London, DVM, PhD, The Ohio State University
Katherine Kocan, PhD, Oklahoma State University
Erica McKenzie, BVMS, PhD, Oregon State University
Mark A. Oyama, DVM, University of Pennsylvania
Ramesh Vemulapalli, BVSc, PhD, Purdue University
Weston Porter, PhD, Texas A&M University
Elizabeth M. Byrnes, PhD, Tufts University
Marion Ehrich, PhD, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
Kelly A. Brayton, PhD, Washington State University
Josep Rutlant, DVM, PhD, Western University of Health Sciences
Albee Messing, VMD, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison