AVMA releases FAQs on prescriptions and pharmacies

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The AVMA has released two new FAQs, one for pet owners and one for veterinarians, with answers to a number of frequently asked questions about veterinary prescriptions and pharmacies—including Internet pharmacies.

The FAQ for pet owners covers subjects such as the necessity of prescriptions, differences between brand-name and generic drugs, and restrictions on the sale of some flea and tick products. The document offers reasons for pet owners to consider buying prescription drugs from a veterinary clinic rather than a pharmacy. The FAQ also discusses methods for determining whether an Internet pharmacy is reputable.

The documents for pet owners and veterinarians both address the need for a veterinarian-client-patient relationship before a veterinarian can write a prescription. The FAQs note the AVMA recommendation that veterinarians comply with client requests for prescriptions to fill elsewhere.

The document for veterinarians provides information about additional issues such as pharmacy and drug quality, illegal pharmacy practices, resale of flea and tick products, and drug compounding.