House of Delegates to consider dues increase

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The AVMA House of Delegates will vote in January 2011, during its regular winter session, on a resolution that would institute a $10 annual increase in dues for regular members from 2013-2015.

The Executive Board submitted the resolution for consideration by the HOD, and the House Advisory Committee has recommended approval.

For some time, the board and HOD have discussed the idea of the Association scheduling annual increases in member dues rather than increasing dues on an irregular basis and therefore by larger amounts.

The AVMA last increased member dues in 2004, by $25 for regular members to the current $250. The next dues increase will be in 2011, by $50 for regular members, as approved by the HOD in January 2010.

In mid-June, the board decided to make the proposal to institute a $10 annual dues increase for 2013-2015 (see JAVMA, Aug. 1, 2010). In late August, the board approved submitting the resolution for consideration at the regular winter session of the HOD (see JAVMA, Oct. 15, 2010).

According to the statement accompanying the resolution, annual increases in member dues would enable the Association to keep up with the costs of doing business and plan prudently for initiatives to achieve the Association's strategic goals.

Modest annual dues increases also would have less impact on members than larger and more irregular dues increases, according to the statement.

The resolution calls for retired, recent graduate, and educational members to continue paying half the dues rate that applies to regular members. Associate and affiliate members would continue to pay the same dues as regular members.