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American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

Event: Annual meeting, Oct. 6-9, 2010, San Diego
Awards: Resident's Award, sponsored by Veterinary Ophthalmic Specialties Inc. and ACVO: Best basic science paper—Dr. D.J. Haeussler Jr., Animal Care Centers of Cincinnati, for "The effects of hyaluronic acid on lenticular epithelial migration in vitro"; Best clinical science paper—Dr. Allyson Groth, University of California-Davis, for "Assessment of antiviral efficacy against feline herpesvirus and cytotoxicity of famciclovir and its metabolites, and intracellular accumulation of penciclovir"
New diplomates: Fourteen new diplomates were welcomed into the ACVO. They are as follows:
Josh Broadwater, West Palm Beach, Fla.
Christin Chapman, Hermosa Beach, Calif.
Tina Fife, San Diego
James Histed, Toronto, Ontario
Stacy Ivins, Las Vegas
Amber Labelle, Columbus, Ohio
Catherine Nunnery, Gainesville, Fla.
Chris Pirie, Upton, Mass.
Simon Pot, Zurich
Tara Richards, Kitchener, Ontario
Lynsey Smith, Houston
Robert Swinger, Aurora, Ill.
Mitzi Zarfoss, San Francisco
Dara Zirofsky, Kirkland, Wash.
Officials: Drs. Carmen Colitz, West Palm Beach, Fla., president; Brian Gilger, Raleigh, N.C., president-elect; Robert English, Cary, N.C., vice president; Michael Paulsen, Arlington, Texas, secretary-treasurer; and Cynthia Cook, San Carlos, Calif., immediate past president

Colorado VMA

Dr. Rogers
Dr. Jed Rogers
Georgine C. Mondich
Georgine C. Mondich
Dr. Parks
Dr. Thomas Parks
Dr. Steele
Dr. Apryl Steele

Event: 104th annual meeting, Sept. 23-26, Loveland
Awards: Veterinarian of the Year: Dr. Jed Rogers, Denver. A 1994 graduate of Texas A&M University, Dr. Rogers is chief medical officer at Zoaport Animal Health in Denver. Earlier in his career, he owned Firehouse Animal Health Centers in Denver and served as the medical director for the VCA Southeast Area Animal Hospital in Denver and the VCA Kaneoha Animal Hospital in Hawaii. Dr. Rogers is a past president of the Hawaii and Colorado VMAs. Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Katharine Lunn, Fort Collins. A 1985 graduate of the University of Glasgow and a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Dr. Lunn is an assistant professor of small animal medicine at Colorado State University. Prior to joining the university in 2005, she was an internal medicine specialist with the Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center and an internal medicine consultant for the Veterinary Information Network in Davis, Calif. Rising Star Award: Dr. Beth Spencer, Denver, won this award, given to a CVMA member who has graduated within the past 10 years and has made a substantial contribution during that time in the state. A 2001 graduate of The Ohio State University, Dr. Spencer serves as medical director at Firehouse Animal Health Center, Capitol Hill. Earlier in her career, she was hospital director at Elmfield Veterinary Hospital. Distinguished Service Award: David Gies, Denver, for outstanding service to the advancement of veterinary medicine in the state over an extended period of time. Executive director of the Animal Assistance Foundation, he has administered more than $50 million in grants and facilitated the funding of hundreds of not-for-profit organizations that care for animals. Gies chairs the board of directors of the American Humane Association, serves as treasurer of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Foundation, and was instrumental in establishing the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance. Industry Partner of the Year: Georgine C. Mondich, Denver, for being a valuable resource to veterinarians and for supporting the CVMA's goals and mission. Mondich has worked at MWI Veterinary Supply for 19 years and was named Rocky Mountain regional sales trainer in 2005. Technician of the Year: Kim Polonsky, Palmer Lake. Polonsky works at the Yorkshire Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs, where she has organized the practice, created the inventory system, trained the technical staff, and helped the practice achieve AAHA certification. Polonsky also volunteers with the Palmer Lake Volunteer Fire Department. President's Award: U.S. Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg, Sterling. As a member of the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources, Rep. Sonnenberg co-sponsored and helped pass a bill to establish a tax return check-off fund to benefit unwanted horses in Colorado. He is also an advocate for youth programs and education in the state. Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies Veterinary Partnership Award: Drs. Richard T. Leone and Erin Epperly of Peak View Animal Hospital, Fowler, were honored for exemplary veterinary care, providing discounted services, including low-cost spay and neuter services, and their professional testimony and support for the prosecution of cruelty cases. Dr. Leone is a 1988 graduate of Colorado State University and Dr. Epperly graduated from Colorado State University in 2007. Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians Veterinary Advocate Award: Dr. Jon Aluise, Parker, for promoting the veterinary technician profession. A 2008 graduate of Kansas State University, Dr. Aluise practices at Parker Center Animal Clinic. He was recognized for his support and encouragement of veterinary technicians in the practice.
Officials: Drs. Thomas Parks, Yuma, president; Apryl Steele, Denver, president-elect; Randa MacMillan, Littleton, secretary-treasurer; Peter Hellyer, Fort Collins, secretary-treasurer-elect; William Fredregill, Sterling, immediate past president; and AVMA delegate and alternate delegate—Drs. Elizabeth Whitney, Fort Collins, and John Rule, Steamboat Springs

Washington State VMA

Dr. Gemar
Dr. Jerold Gemar
Dr. Pospisil
Dr. Jaroslav Pospisil
Doug Blake
Doug Blake
Dr. Wenrick
Dr. Kit Wenrick

Event: 99th annual conference, Oct. 1-3, Spokane
Program: The conference drew more than 250 attendees. Continuing education sessions included those on small and large animal medicine, equine medicine, communication, and animal welfare and a section on hot topics.
Awards: 2009 Veterinarian of the Year (honored at this year's meeting): Dr. Jerold Gemar, Lynnwood. A 1965 graduate of the University of Minnesota, Dr. Gemar practiced small animal medicine in Lynnwood prior to retirement in 2005. A past president of the WSVMA, he chairs the WSVMA Insurance and Finance committees. From 1994-2000, Dr. Gemar served as the Northwest regional director for the American Animal Hospital Association. 2010 Veterinarian of the Year: Dr. Jaroslav Pospisil, Olympia. A 1966 graduate of Washington State University, Dr. Pospisil serves as a field veterinarian with the Washington state veterinarian's office. He is a past president of the WSVMA. Distinguished Achievement Award: James Evermann, PhD, Pullman, for the support, education, and services he has provided to veterinarians in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Evermann is a professor of infectious diseases at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He also serves as a virologist at the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. WSU Faculty Member of the Year: Dr. Terry McElwain, Pullman. A 1980 graduate of Kansas State University and a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists, Dr. McElwain is a professor of pathology and executive director of the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. He also directs WSU's Animal Health Research Center and is a faculty member of WSU's School for Global Animal Health. WSVMA Allied Industry Award: Phoenix Central Laboratory, Everett, for service and support to veterinarians in the Pacific Northwest. Distinguished Veterinary Staff Award: Doug Blake, Pullman. Blake is the lead public services representative at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. He supervises the staff, conducts staff training, and ensures that clients and patients referred to the hospital receive the best possible care. Life membership was granted to Drs. Paul Klavano, Pullman; Dennis Dinkla, Lynnwood; and Robert Isenhart, Carlton.
Business: The AVMA District XI representative, Dr. Thomas Meyer, urged the membership to become politically active in organized veterinary medicine to help accomplish productive change. Long-range planning was undertaken to consider reconfiguring Washington's executive board representation to better serve the membership at large.
Officials: Drs. Kit Wenrick, Longview, president; John Cannon, Spokane Valley, president-elect; James McCutchan, Snohomish, 1st vice president; Candace Joy, Issaquah, executive vice president; and Carolyn LaJeunesse, Southworth, immediate past president

Veterinary Comparative Respiratory Society

Dr. Ivester
Dr. Kathleen Ivester
Dr. Heikkilä
Dr. Henna P. Heikkilä
Dr. Riedelberger
Dr. Klaus Riedelberger
Dr. Reinero
Dr. Carol Reinero

Event: 28th symposium, Sept. 28-30, Raleigh, N.C.
Program: The symposium drew more than 50 attendees representing the United States and five other countries. The theme was "Respiratory response to insult—adaptive or maladaptive?" A presymposium workshop was held on "Assessing environmental respiratory health effects—concepts and challenges."
Awards: Joan A. O'Brien Research Award: Drs. Kathleen Ivester, Purdue University, for "Inflammatory airway disease in young Thoroughbreds entering race training"; and Henna P. Heikkilä, University of Helsinki, for "Can biomarkers help to differentiate idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and chronic bronchitis in dogs?"
Officials: Dr. Klaus Riedelberger, Vienna, Austria, president; Dr. Carol Reinero, Columbia, Mo., president-elect; Dr. Melissa Mazan, Grafton, Mass., executive secretary; Susan Brogan, Grafton, Mass., secretary; Dr. Elizabeth Rozanski, Grafton, Mass., treasurer; and Dr. Janice Dye, Research Triangle Park, N.C., immediate past president