AVMA database helps veterinarians, students and career opportunities

Published on August 01, 2010
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A database developed by the AVMA can help veterinarians and veterinary students explore or switch to careers working in fields outside companion or food animal practice.

The new Training and Service Opportunities in Conservation, Environmental, Wildlife, and Zoological Medicine section of the AVMA website lists opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary students looking for summer training opportunities, externships, internships, residencies, training, or work experience as part of a career change or a way to enhance their knowledge. Programs vary from paid to unpaid, domestic to international, and single-day events to several-year commitments, and database users can search for opportunities by criteria including location, duration, and discipline.

Dr. Cindy Driscoll, who represents aquatic medicine on the AVMA Committee on Environmental Issues and who is Maryland's state wildlife veterinarian, expects the site will benefit veterinary and graduate students and veterinarians already in practice by providing a single location to find training opportunities. She and colleagues in the wildlife, aquatic, and environmental fields often receive questions about how to become involved in these areas.

"Veterinarians and veterinary students frequently ask us, 'How do you get to do that kind of a job? How do you get that training? How can I do what you do? Where can I find the list of those opportunities?'" Dr. Driscoll said.

The database included 102 listings when it became available June here and is expected to grow through future submissions. Organizations that run programs suitable for the database can submit listings through the "Submit a Program" link on that page.