Convention's goals, objectives updated for relevance

Published on June 01, 2010
information-circle This article is more than 3 years old

 The mission and objectives of the AVMA Annual Convention have been updated to ensure its ongoing relevance to AVMA members and the veterinary profession.

The AVMA Executive Board approved the Convention Management and Program Committee's recommendation to revise its policy "Convention Mission, Objectives, Priorities and Goals" to a more pared-down version titled "Convention Mission."

The newly amended mission reads as follows: "To advance the knowledge and skills of veterinarians and related professionals by providing: superior and diverse continuing education, a platform for dissemination of research, a forum for associated organizations and an opportunity for collegial interaction."

According to the CMPC recommendation's background, the board had asked the committee in January to review and update the convention mission and objective, which the CMPC did at its March meeting.

In completing its review, the CMPC believed that a separate objective statement was not necessary. The committee also wanted to have the convention's goals change on an annual basis, so they are now included in the CMPC standard operating procedures, as that document is regularly reviewed and revised.