AVMA expanding scope of News Bytes with SmartBrief

Published on January 18, 2010
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Each workday, thousands of veterinarians and other subscribers receive an e-mail summary of news articles relevant to the profession and the AVMA.

The AVMA Communications Division has been compiling AVMA News Bytes since September 2005. Now the Association has partnered with SmartBrief, a media company that provides news summaries, to create the Animal Health SmartBrief to succeed News Bytes.

Like its predecessor, the Animal Health SmartBrief provides news relevant to veterinary medicine as well as the AVMA and AVMA members. The Animal Health SmartBrief also introduces headings for animal news, small business, and public policy.

SmartBrief, the company, compiles news summaries for more than 100 professional societies, trade associations, nonprofits, and corporations. The company has partnered with organizations ranging from the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Nurses Association to the Biotechnology Industry Organization and International Dairy Foods Association.

Sponsorships and advertising pay for SmartBrief publications, and the company's partners receive a portion of the revenues. The company maintains the privacy of subscribers' e-mail addresses and any other personal information.

J.B. Hancock, director of the AVMA Communications Division, said the Animal Health SmartBrief is a natural evolution for AVMA News Bytes. She said News Bytes became so popular that the e-mail list exceeded the capacity of AVMA systems. Gathering and reviewing articles also has been labor-intensive for AVMA staff.

SmartBrief, the company, will take over the technical side and news gathering. The AVMA Communications Division will continue working with the company on types of topics to include in the Animal Health SmartBrief. The Communications Division also will supply news about AVMA events and resources.

Hancock thinks that members of the public as well as the veterinary community will subscribe to the Animal Health SmartBrief because of general interest in animals and animal health.

In January, the AVMA sent Animal Health SmartBrief to all members for whom the Association has e-mail addresses—allowing recipients to opt to continue receiving the news summary.

Veterinarians and others can subscribe to Animal Health SmartBrief at any time by visiting www.smartbrief.com/avma.