Now available: model certificate for domestic travel of pets

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The AVMA Executive Board has approved a model certificate of veterinary inspection for companion animals, primarily dogs and cats, to travel in the United States.

The AVMA House of Delegates passed a resolution in July 2008 calling for development of the model certificate. According to the statement about the resolution, clients often request a certificate of veterinary inspection for domestic travel, especially by air, but existing forms have been inadequate because of a lack of uniformity among the states. The statement about the resolution adds that the model certificate also could be suitable for purposes such as boarding, shows, exhibitions, and training classes.

The AVMA Council on Veterinary Service developed the model certificate of veterinary inspection. The form includes spaces for entering the contact information of the animal's owner and other responsible individuals at the origin and destination points, descriptive details about the animal such as name and microchip number, information about vaccines and tests, additional comments such as a weather-acclimation statement, and the veterinarian's information.

The model certificate is on the AVMA Web site. On the same page is the AVMA policy on "Acclimation Certificates," which suggests wording for a weather-acclimation statement.