Member retention is goal of new reduced dues option

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Some AVMA members may be eligible for a dues reduction under a new plan approved by the Executive Board aimed at strengthening member retention.

As of Jan. 1, 2010, members who meet certain requirements may apply for reduced dues in the amount of 50 percent of the regular member dues. Eligible applicants must be members in good standing who are temporarily leaving the practice of veterinary medicine because of family obligations, do not qualify for any other AVMA dues waiver or reduced dues option, and are not engaged in regular employment within the veterinary profession. Regular employment is defined as working more than 20 hours each month.

This option will be granted for no more than a total of five years for any member. Also, this policy will be administered in the same manner as other AVMA dues reductions and waiver options.

The Membership Services Committee recommended the dues waiver as a way of strengthening member retention while encouraging the AVMA to adjust to the changing demographics of the profession, which is becoming increasingly younger and more female. The committee believes the AVMA will benefit by making it easier for members to continue their affiliation during times when family responsibilities may cause them to question their attachment to the profession and the Association.

"A dues reduction is a positive step toward keeping these veterinarians as contributing members of AVMA," said Dr. Clark K. Fobian, the Executive Board's District VII representative.

AVMA has a number of programs to assist members at critical times of their life or career. More information can be found on the AVMA Web site under My AVMA in the "Let Us Help" section.