Board addresses issues from member level to world stage

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Dr. Schmidt
During the Nov. 19-21, 2009, meeting of the AVMA Executive Board, Dr. Barbara A. Schmidt provides input on behalf of the AVMA House of Delegates in her role as chair of the House Advisory Committee.

The AVMA Executive Board, meeting Nov. 19-21, 2009, deliberated on agenda items ranging from membership matters and veterinary services to federal legislation and international affairs.

The board's major actions included renewing sponsorship for the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Experience for veterinary students, incorporating a draft AVMA Diversity Plan into the strategic plan, and approving a draft framework for an alliance with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (see JAVMA, Jan. 1, 2010).

Other board actions included the following:

  • Exploring development of a database of international opportunities for AVMA members.
  • Approving a model certificate of veterinary inspection primarily for domestic air travel of dogs and cats.
  • Allowing AVMA members who temporarily leave practice because of family obligations to apply for a waiver of 50 percent of regular dues.

Details about these and other board actions appear in the following pages.