AVMA may develop online database of international opportunities

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Global involvement of the AVMA and AVMA members was the subject of several recommendations before the AVMA Executive Board.

The board approved exploring development of an online database of international opportunities for AVMA members. The database would potentially allows members who register to express interest or share their expertise in activities such as international conferences, service projects, education and training, and disaster and emergency response.

The recommendation for the database came from the AVMA Committee on International Veterinary Affairs. Since its inception in April 2007, the CIVA has discussed the need to build U.S. infrastructure for addressing global health challenges relevant to veterinary medicine. The CIVA has received requests from U.S. entities and foreign professional organizations seeking veterinarians with specific expertise and interest to help increase the capacity of other countries to handle issues of animal health.

Attendees at the AVMA Global Animal Health Summit, during the 2009 AVMA Annual Convention, expressed a desire for a central U.S. infrastructure to match veterinarians with international opportunities.

Members of CIVA believe that the AVMA, as the national veterinary association, can develop a database to allow members to find international opportunities more easily. Registration would be voluntary for individuals and organizations.

The CIVA will work with AVMA staff to develop a complete business plan for an online database and then work with potential partner organizations to determine the availability of funding.

On another recommendation from the CIVA, the board expanded the voting membership of CIVA to include the U.S. councilor to the World Veterinary Association. The AVMA would cover travel expenses, at a cost of $1,125 in 2010.

For budgetary reasons, the board disapproved spending $8,000 to send two AVMA representatives to attend the Jan. 11-15 meeting of the Vet 2011 Committee's Executive Council in Lyon, France. The AVMA is an associate member of Vet 2011, which is planning a celebration of the 250th anniversary of the founding of the world's first veterinary school, in Lyon—thus, the 250th anniversary of the profession.

Recognizing a need for continuity in planning for Vet 2011 and the importance of the AVMA participating, given its seat on the Executive Council, one of the Vet 2011 partners has agreed to defray the travel costs for AVMA CEO W. Ron DeHaven to attend.