AVMA electronic newsletters offer a wealth of material

Published on November 18, 2009
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Publications on a range of subjects are now available to the general membership

The JAVMA News staff, in the AVMA Publications Division, sends out the AVMA News Bulletin every other Tuesday with time-sensitive stories and early versions of articles that will appear in the print journal.

The Association's president and executive vice president distribute a monthly letter, AVMA@Work, to update members about goings-on at the AVMA. The Association also posts the letters online at http://atwork.avma.org for reader comment.

The AVMA Communications Division sends out AVMA News Bytes each workday with excerpts of stories in the mainstream media that are relevant to the veterinary profession or mention the AVMA or AVMA members. Each excerpt links to the full story.

The AVMA Governmental Relations Division produces a monthly newsletter, The AVMA Advocate, with the latest veterinary news from Washington, D.C.

The AVMA State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Department, in the Communications Division, distributes the monthly AVMA State Legislative Update to summarize new and pending state legislation and regulations of interest to veterinarians.

The AVMA is extending the reach of its electronic newsletters to all members who want to follow developments relevant to the veterinary profession.

The Association has created a number of electronic publications in recent years and targeted them at audiences such as leadership, veterinary colleges, state veterinary medical associations, and journalists in the mainstream media. Recently, the AVMA Executive Board moved to share these resources with all members.

Through the AVMA Web site, members can now sign up to receive any or all of these electronic newsletters and can also specify the types of other e-mail messages they want to receive from the Association. As an example, under e-mail preferences, members can sign up to receive alerts about crises in public or animal health. The AVMA e-mailed members with information about H1N1 influenza this year and about the pet food recall in 2007.

The Association's electronic publications include the AVMA News Bulletin, AVMA@Work, AVMA News Bytes, AVMA Advocate, and State Legislative Update (see descriptions at right).

Other electronic publications from the Association include the monthly AVMA Health News Bytes, which provides story ideas from veterinary research for journalists who report on human health; the biannual newsletter of the AVMA Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities; ERC Newslink, the monthly newsletter of the AVMA Executive Resource Center for executive directors of state veterinary medical associations; and the COE Standard, the quarterly newsletter of the AVMA Council on Education.

Members also can indicate their interest in receiving e-mail on subjects such as the AVMA Political Action Committee, AVMA Congressional Advocacy Network, AVMA Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams, AVMA policy announcements, American Veterinary Medical Foundation, AVMA Annual Convention, and dues renewal.

To sign up for electronic newsletters and specify e-mail preferences, members should visit www.avma.org/newsletters.