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Dr. Ruegg
Dr. Pamela L. Ruegg
Dr. Rethorst
Dr. David N. Rethorst
Dr. Gingrich
Dr. Karl Frederick Gingrich II
Dr. Ehrlich
Dr. James L. Ehrlich


Dr. Upson
Dr. Dan W. Upson
Dr. Koester
Dr. Gary H. Koester
Dr. Willis
Dr. Lisa Willis

American Association of Bovine Practitioners

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners recognized seven veterinarians with awards during a luncheon Sept. 12 at the AABP conference in Omaha, Neb.

Dr. Pamela L. Ruegg (MI '84) received the Alpharma-AABP Award of Excellence. Dr. Ruegg is a professor and extension milk-quality specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Dairy Science, where much of her work focuses on mastitis control. Her previous professional experience includes technical service with Monsanto, faculty positions at Michigan State University and the University of Prince Edward Island's veterinary colleges, and private practice.

Dr. David N. Rethorst (KSU '78) was the recipient of the AABP-Merial Award for Excellence in Preventive Veterinary Medicine in the beef category. Dr. Rethorst owns South Central Herd Health in Red Cloud, Neb. He is a past president of the Academy of Veterinary Consultants, an association of beef cattle practitioners. He mentors veterinary students to promote rural food animal practice. He has been active in the AABP, Nebraska VMA, Nebraska Cattlemen Association, 4-H, and Adams County Ag Society.

In the dairy category, the award for preventive medicine went to Dr. Karl Frederick Gingrich II (OSU '95). Dr. Gingrich owns a dairy practice and a small animal practice in Ashland, Ohio, and serves as an adjunct faculty member at The Ohio State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Each year, he provides scholarships for two veterinary students to work with him over the summer. He is the current AABP liaison to the AVMA Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee.

Dr. James L. Ehrlich (COR '79) received the Pfizer Animal Health-AABP Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Ehrlich and his wife, Dr. Juliane Zdrojewski, run a dairy practice in Argyle, N.Y. Before the advent of the Web, Dr. Ehrlich started an AABP computer users' group and the AABP software library. Later he proposed the AABP listserv, chairing the subcommittee that set up and managed the listserv. He continues to serve as a list manager. He also has been an AABP district director.

Dr. Dan W. Upson (KSU '52) is the Intervet/Schering-Plough Mentor of the Year. Dr. Upson taught veterinary students at Kansas State University for 35 years before his retirement in 1994. He served in many capacities at the veterinary college, including the position of assistant dean for instruction. He authored many articles, book chapters, and "Upson's Handbook of Clinical Veterinary Pharmacology." He is a past president of the university's faculty senate and alumni association as well as the Kansas VMA.

Dr. Gary H. Koester (MSU '74) is the Fort Dodge Animal Health Bovine Practitioner of the Year. Dr. Koester co-owns Airport Animal Clinic in Cadillac, Mich. He chaired the Michigan VMA Food Animal Practice Committee for many years, collaborating with stakeholders on efforts to regain tuberculosis-free status for the state. He currently serves on the state veterinary board and participates in the practice-based ambulatory program at Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Lisa Willis (AUB '05) was the recipient of the James A. Jarrett Award for Young Leaders. Dr. Willis has established a practice in Gustine, Texas, working with beef cattle as well as deer and some dairy cattle. Active in the AABP, Dr. Willis coordinated the student sessions and practice tips for the 2007 conference. As coordinator of student sessions for the 2008 conference, she organized the AABP's first job fair.