National Pet Wellness Month promotes wellness plans

Published on September 01, 2009
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National Pet Wellness Month this October focuses on educating pet owners about wellness examinations, disease prevention, and pet health insurance.

The "Pet Wellness Starts With a Plan" campaign will continue through the year as part of the National Pet Wellness initiative.

A healthy, happy pet starts with a Plan!Thousands of veterinary clinics now participate in the initiative. The AVMA and Fort Dodge Animal Health launched National Pet Wellness Month in 2004. This year, Veterinary Pet Insurance joins as a campaign sponsor.

The National Pet Wellness initiative has emphasized disease prevention and twice-a-year wellness examinations since its inception. Educating clients about pet health insurance also fits into the initiative's mission. Studies have shown that, on average, clients with pet health insurance schedule more veterinary visits. Insurance is available for routine wellness care as well as injuries and illnesses.

The "Pet Wellness Starts With a Plan" campaign will reach out to pet owners through educational materials at veterinary clinics and through national public relations encouraging pet owners to contact their local veterinarian.

Veterinary clinics that have registered with the National Pet Wellness initiative will receive a free education kit containing the following Pet Wellness Plan items:

  • Checklists—one for dogs, one for cats—to help identify the patient's disease risk via questions about behavior, environment, health history, and other factors. The veterinarian can use the results to assist in developing an individual wellness and vaccination protocol. Additional questions address pet health insurance and provide staff with an opportunity to discuss coverage.
  • A roll-out brochure and colorful poster to inform clients about wellness examinations, disease prevention, and pet health insurance.
  • Staff buttons to encourage clients to ask the clinic's personnel about pet wellness plans.