Specialty group forms corporate partnerships

Published on June 01, 2009
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The American College of Veterinary Surgeons has become one of the first specialty groups to create a program that encourages greater participation and corporate funding.

Novartis Animal Health U.S. Inc., Vetcare Complete, and Hill's are taking part in the college's Industry Partner Program. The companies pledge a three-year commitment and a set annual contribution. In exchange, the ACVS provides year-round benefits to the companies, including a high degree of exposure at the college's meetings, on its Web site, and in its publications.

The program's aim is to establish mutually beneficial programs for the ACVS with companies in the veterinary industry, limited to 10. The college, which includes more than 1,350 diplomates, is in the process of signing up two more companies.

Nicole M. Blossé, ACVS director of industry relations, explained how the program came to be.

"We have a lot of sponsors year to year, some larger, like Novartis and Hill's and Vetcare Complete, and some at a smaller level. Some inquired how to work with us at a higher level," she said. "Other groups do the same sponsorship program, but this makes it unique to our membership."

Blossé continued, "It is kind of new. Some of the larger, more general groups have been doing this for some time, but for smaller specialty groups like us, it's a new thing."

Each partner brings something unique to the table, she said. Hill's has helped the ACVS create continuing education opportunities for veterinary technicians. And Novartis has supported veterinary surgical education, training, and research as an ACVS Veterinary Symposium sponsor. This year, the pharmaceutical company's focus will be promoting efficacy, safety, and awareness of antibacterial sutures for all veterinary professionals.

The program was officially launched after the ACVS symposium this past October. For more information, visit https://www.acvs.org/industry-partners.