Strategic Planning Committee sunset

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The Executive Board and staff leadership will take over duties of a committee that fostered and coordinated a strategic planning process in collaboration with the board and staff.

The Strategic Planning Committee was sunset during the April 3 Executive Board meeting. According to a recommendation by the committee to consider sunsetting it, the SPC was ready to transfer oversight of the planning process to the Executive Board and Office of the Executive Vice President as envisioned. The committee noted that the board, executive vice president, staff goal managers and entity chairs have already embraced strategic planning.

The board requested that a formal letter of thanks and honor be sent to the Strategic Planning Committee expressing gratitude for the committee's accomplishments to advance the Association and for its decision to recommend consideration of its sunset.

In other initiatives, a three-member executive subcommittee of the Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee will deal with time-sensitive matters between meetings.

The board authorized creation of the Issue Management Subcommittee, which will include the AALC chair and two members appointed by the AALC chair from the committee. The change was recommended by the AALC at the suggestion of the AVMA Governance Performance Review Committee.

Because of another change approved at the meeting, an AVMA staff member will serve as liaison representative to the United States Animal Health Association, rather than a member of the Executive Board, as has been the policy.

The change was made because of the increasing complexity of animal health issues and Executive Board responsibilities as well as a need for a consistent liaison representative to pass on information to the board and the Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine.