New resource available on generic drugs

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Pharmaceutical trade group members hope veterinarians will learn more about generic drug safety and drug industry issues through a Web site launched in November.

Stephanie Batliner, chair of the Generic Animal Drug Alliance, said the Web site will address issues related to generic drugs for large and small animals, pharmaceutical compounding, and organizational positions on legislation such as the Animal Generic Drug User Fee Act of 2008. The site is in its infancy, and the alliance is still determining what other information it will eventually include, she said.

Christina Perkins, vice president of marketing and communications for Putney, a GADA member company, said the site is partly intended to answer questions and dispel negative preconceived notions about generic drugs.

Site developers were also working on a frequently asked questions section and information about user fees, their impact on funding for the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine, and how they could reduce times for release of generic drugs, Perkins said.

Batliner hopes site users will learn about generic drug manufacturers and how to contact them with questions. The site will not be used to market specific drugs, she said.

The Generic Animal Drug Alliance Web site is located at