AVMA calls for applications to WVA Council

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The AVMA is accepting applications and nominations to replace Dr. James E. Nave as the United States representative to the World Veterinary Association Council. The deadline is March 2, 2009.

Dr. Nave has stepped down as the North American councilor after serving nearly six years in that position.

The World Veterinary Association is an international organization that develops policies affecting the veterinary profession and animal health on a global scale. Its constituency consists of national veterinary associations and international specialist veterinary associations.

The council is one of the WVA's governing bodies. It comprises regional veterinary representatives, including two from North America—one from the United States and the other, Canada. The AVMA is responsible for appointing the U.S. councilor.

The WVA Council traditionally meets once a year, but the new president, Dr. Tjeerd Jorna of The Netherlands, is proposing more frequent meetings and more activity of the councilors. For example, the U.S. councilor may be asked to represent the WVA at the United Nations and other organizations in the United States.

Councilors represent collectively and individually their geographic region. Councilors convey the policies of the WVA to their constituency and speak on behalf of the WVA to the region. Councilors partake in the policymaking process of the WVA.

Councilors may also be responsible for developing a relationship with one or more governmental or nongovernmental organizations of interest or with a veterinary professional or scientific specialization.

Councilors can serve a maximum of three three-year terms.

In November 2008, the AVMA Executive Board approved adopting an application form for the councilor position to help the board make informed decisions about who to appoint. The board will make its appointment at its April 2009 meeting.

The WVA councilor application form is available on the AVMA Web site. Inquiries on this position can be answered at (800) 248-2862, Ext. 6605, or by e-mail at OfficeEVPatavma [dot] org (OfficeEVP[at]avma[dot]org).