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American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

Dr. Lowenstine
Dr. Linda J. Lowenstine
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Michael R. Loomis
Dr. Meehan
Dr. Thomas Meehan

Event: Annual conference, Oct. 13-17, Los Angeles
Awards: Duane E. Ullrey Achievement Award: Dr. Linda J. Lowenstine, Davis, Calif., for exceptional achievements in the science of wild animal health and for support of the AAZV. A 1973 graduate of the University of California-Davis, Dr. Lowenstine is a professor in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology at the UC-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and an adviser and pathologist for the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project. From 1994-1996, she served as director of pathology at the San Diego Zoo. A diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists, Dr. Lowenstine is known for her expertise in marine mammal pathology. Emil P. Dolensek Award: Dr. Michael R. Loomis, Asheboro, N.C., for exceptional contributions to the conservation, care, and understanding of zoo and free-ranging wildlife. A 1980 graduate of the University of California-Davis, Dr. Loomis is chief veterinarian and director of veterinary programs at the North Carolina Zoological Park. During his career, he has served as veterinarian for the Los Angeles and San Diego zoos and as a consultant for the World Wildlife Fund and United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Dr. Loomis is a diplomate of the American College of Zoological Medicine and a past president of the AAZV and ACZM, and he served on the AVMA Committee on Environmental Issues from 1997-2000. His research interests focus on collaring forest elephants and following their movements in and out of the national parks in Cameroon. AAZV/Morris Animal Foundation Post-Graduate Student Manuscript Competition: First place—Dr. Gretchen A. Cole (KSU '04), for "Analgesic effects of Meloxicam for experimentally-induced arthritic pain in Hispaniolan parrots (Amazona ventralis)"; and second place—Dr. Maya Kummrow (ZUR '03), for "Characterization of the reproductive cycle in female veiled chameleons (Chamaleo calyptratus)." AAZV/Wildlife Pharmaceuticals Inc. Under-Graduate Student Manuscript Competition: First place—Andrea Winkel (MSU '09), for "Prevalence of Coxiella burnetti in hoofstock placentas in zoological collections"; and second place—Dr. Kate S. Freeman (NCU '08), for "Dissecting frog mortalities: Filtering out the role of the kidneys." Safe Capture International Poster Competition: First place—Dr. Caroline E.C. Goertz, Seward, Ark., for "Long-term catheters for phocids undergoing rehabilitation"; and second place—Dr. Yvonne Nadler, Chicago, for "Disease surveillance in zoos: Findings of the West Nile virus surveillance program."
Officials: Drs. Thomas Meehan, Chicago, president; Jan Ramer, Indianapolis, president-elect; Kay Backues, Tulsa, Okla., vice president; Kirk Suedmeyer, Kansas City, Mo., secretary; Victoria Clyde, Milwaukee, treasurer; and Mary Denver, Baltimore, immediate past president

Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians

Dr. Griffin
Dr. Chris Griffin

Event: Annual meeting, Oct. 12-15, Los Angeles
Business: The ARAV Web site will expand its services to include online voting, membership renewal, member contact information updates, and submission of manuscripts for the Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery. An annual poster will be produced, with proceeds going toward research and conservation of threatened and endangered reptile and amphibian species.
Officers: Drs. Jeff Baier, Golden, Colo., president; Chris Griffin, Kannapolis, N.C., president-elect; Paul Gibbons, Lannon, Wis., vice president; Kenneth Harkewicz, Berkeley, Calif., secretary; J. Jill Heatly, College Station, Texas, treasurer; and Eric Klaphake, Bozeman, Mont., immediate past president

Washington State VMA

Dr. Hunter
Dr. Brian Hunter
Dr. Wallingford
Dr. Debi Wallingford

Event: Annual meeting, Oct. 3-5, Spokane
Awards: Veterinarian of the Year: Dr. Brian Hunter, Spokane. A 1979 graduate of Washington State University, Dr. Hunter owns Hunter Veterinary Clinic in Spokane. He has served as president of the Inland Empire VMA for the past 19 years and organized dog bite prevention programs in the area. WSU Faculty Member of the Year: Dr. Patricia Talcott, Moscow, Idaho. A 1988 graduate of Washington State University and a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Toxicologists, Dr. Talcott is an associate professor of toxicology at the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Earlier in her career, she was a faculty member of the University of Idaho. Distinguished Achievement Award: Dr. Richard M. DeBowes, Pullman, for revolutionizing the importance and development of leadership skills for veterinary medicine worldwide through the Veterinary Leadership Experience and the Cougar Orientation and Leadership Experience. A 1979 graduate of the University of Illinois and a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Dr. DeBowes is associate dean of veterinary development and external relations at the WSU-CVM. His professional interests include equine general and orthopedic surgery, lameness diagnosis, and joint biology. Student/recent graduate award: Emily Pieracci, Pullman, for her dedication to organized veterinary medicine and volunteerism. Pieracci is a fourth-year student at Washington State University and a past executive board member of the association. Outstanding Service to the Veterinary Profession Award: Dr. Terry Teeple, Gig Harbor, and Kathy Kube, Tacoma. Dr. Teeple and Kube were honored for their more than 30 years service as instructors with the veterinary technology program at Pierce College in Tacoma. Media Award: Dr. David Roen, Clarkston, for his veterinary column and artwork, published in the Lewiston Tribune for more than 20 years. Dr. Roen recently retired from his practice in Clarkston. Distinguished Veterinary Staff Award: Deb Cofer, Edmonds. A veterinary technician, Cofer began her career in 1998 at Edmonds Veterinary Hospital, where she now serves as practice manager. Allied Industry Award: Scott Harvey, Seattle, for his support of veterinary medicine through his work at Kisap and Fortune banks. Harvey's efforts have helped improve the association's exhibit hall at meetings. President's Award: The veterinarians and staff of the Meadow Hills Veterinary Clinic in Kennewick were honored for their care of Chocolate, a stray Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Chocolate needed expensive treatment for fractures, and the clinic raised $25,000 for his care. Life membership: Dr. Larry King, Seattle
Business: It was announced that the WSVMA has purchased a permanent residence at 8024 Bracken Place S.E., Snoqualmie, WA 98065.
Officials: Drs. Debi Wallingford, Bellevue, president; Carrie La Jeunesse, Southworth, president-elect; Kit Wenrick, Longview, 1st vice president; Robert Thompson, East Wenatchee, immediate past president; and Candace Joy, Issaquah, executive vice president