Morris Animal Foundation supporting animal health studies

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Morris Animal Foundation is funding research on subjects ranging from blood disorders in dogs to maintenance of genetic diversity in Tasmanian devils.

Tobie McPhail, director of scientific programs and advancement for Morris Animal Foundation, said MAF is spending more than $5 million in the current year on some 200 studies involving domestic and wild species. The foundation has committed more than $10 million to those studies over multiple years.

David Riggs, MAF study sponsorship coordinator, said donors added more than $1 million in funding to studies sponsored by the organization in 2008. Sponsors can direct their donations toward species-specific studies or studies of specific health threats that could affect or have affected numerous species.

This year's new and ongoing studies will be conducted at nearly 50 veterinary colleges, zoological institutions, and scientific research centers. The studies include research on conditions affecting household pets all the way to wild species such as hippopotami and endangered coral.

To read more about studies sponsored by Morris Animal Foundation or to support the research, visit or call (800) 243-2345.