Morris Animal Foundation creates campaign for healthy cats

Published on December 15, 2008
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Happy Health Cat Campaign

Morris Animal Foundation has launched the Happy Healthy Cat Campaign to help ensure that cats get their share of health care and research.

Cats are America's No. 1 pet, with more than 80 million in U.S. homes, but they receive less veterinary care than dogs—and few scientists study feline health issues.

Morris has built a Web site for the Happy Healthy Cat Campaign at The Web site includes information on feline health, research success stories, and resources for cat owners. The site features a quiz as well as entries from bloggers who write about cats. A campaign DVD and brochure are also available for cat owners and veterinarians.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of feline health issues and increase funding for feline health research. Previously, Hill's Pet Nutrition donated $1 million and its feline genome database to Morris to advance research on feline health. Morris also supports the efforts of CATalyst, a new organization that seeks to improve feline health and welfare.